Raines high school

Once again while trying to build Raines High School up Tanyaa Weathersbee does it a disservice. First some of the positives she points to are the same as me celebrating a five-pound loss after I recently gained ten pounds. Nearly every school saw their writing and science scores improve because the tests were made easier and nearly every school saw their suspension rates drop because the Duval County School district decided to move away from discipline.

The real problems with Raines are indicative of the systemic problems in the education system and will never improve now matter how many rallies or dinners we have unless we work to change them. How do kids make it to high school and not be able to read or do math? Well it’s because Duval County pushes them along without the skills they need and when they get to high school there is nowhere else for them to be pushed to.

Why aren’t kids doing better in school? It’s because they are all in a one size fits all curriculum instead of being in a curriculum that plays both to their interests and strengths. It’s also because a few kids rob teachers of the ability to teach and other kids the ability to learn.

Finally these problems aren’t exclusive to Raines high school. They are duplicated far and wide throughout the district. Ms. Weathersbee if you want things to improve at Raines and you seem passionate about it; start with above.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher


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