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Raines high school

Once again while trying to build Raines High School up Tanyaa Weathersbee does it a disservice. First some of the positives she points to are the same as me celebrating a five-pound loss after I recently gained ten pounds. Nearly every school saw their writing and science scores improve because the tests were made easier and nearly every school saw their suspension rates drop because the Duval County School district decided to move away from discipline.

The real problems with Raines are indicative of the systemic problems in the education system and will never improve now matter how many rallies or dinners we have unless we work to change them. How do kids make it to high school and not be able to read or do math? Well it’s because Duval County pushes them along without the skills they need and when they get to high school there is nowhere else for them to be pushed to.

Why aren’t kids doing better in school? It’s because they are all in a one size fits all curriculum instead of being…

More porridge please: A Glimpse at the inner workings of the DCPS district

I was called into a training yesterday, it’s my summer so they can’t make me go but the subject was one I think is important. Though it would be disingenuous of me to say the fact they promised to pay me my hourly wage wasn’t a big, very big inducement.

As I pulled into the faculty parking lot I noticed they had paved the students parking lot. Hmm, I thought, that’s interesting, a thought that came to mind again when I noticed they had retiled several of the floors.

I entered Houston Hall, where many of the meetings are and took my seat surrounded by 25 or so peers, and six members of the seemingly always-expanding district staff. One got up and thanked us for coming and told us, and don’t worry you will be getting a stipend for your time.

A palpable gasp went up from the crowd, stipend, um we were told we were getting our hourly wage, we mumbled to each other. The difference for my peers and me is about one hundred dollars. I mentioned it to the senior district person on a break a…

Schools can't be run like a bussiness

Run it like a business seems to be the cry people outside of education both yell and try to sell. I wonder what business schools should it be run like? Should they be run like a bank or a mortgage company, probably not they have had their fair share of problems recently. What about like a car company or an international oil conglomerate, probably not either right as they have had their problems too. I recently read a statistic that said 20,000-business fail a month, which of those should we run education like? The truth is we can’t run a public school system like a business and even though it sounds good to some, saying it is impractical does a disservice to things that are truly impractical.

No shoes, no shirt, no service right? Well what about no school supplies no service? If I kicked out every kid who didn’t bring a pen or pencil to my class, some days I would have had an extra planning period. If I gave away one pencil or pen I gave away a thousand. And don’t get me talking abou…